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Manufacturer guidance, or what one should to know…

When planning to buy a swimming pool, it would be good to think about several issues regarding:

- placing the pool (outside or inside),
- area designated for the pool,
- people who are going to use the pool (shallow pool might be a good idea),
- amount we can allocate for buying the pool and equipment.


If we follow above advices, it would be easier to choose precise pool, equipment, and roofing.


Advices presented below might be helpful in making good choice.


1. For pool to serve it purpose as long as it is possible, one must take care of water, what is done by adequately chosen filters system and chemical agents for water conservation.
By various chemicals, according to customer needs, we are at service in choosing good chemical agent.


2. Regarding filters system, it must be said, that swimming pools should be equipped with the sand filters, because only those filters water in a proper way, removing dirt. We have complete filter sets (very good quality), that we offer individually, to each customer, tailoring filter to specific pool dimension.


3. Essential for a pool is its insulation, the best is polyurethane foam that serves many functions:
         - hermetically isolates pool (bottom and sides),
         - rises water temperature, even of several degrees,
         - pcontributes to reduce the installation time           
(insulated pool is placed in prepared foundations without need for additional insulation).


4. One of the factors that influence quality of bath in the swimming pool is sense of safety, which is why roofing is not without meaning.


Pool roofing serves many functions:
        - protects child or animal from
          falling into the pool,
        - allows to use pool during inclement weather,
        - heats up water,
        - optically enlarges the pool,
        - protects from contamination from the outside,
        - lengthens bathing season.


5. Before we will use a chemical agent, it is recommended to use a hoover to remove of all dirt from the bottom and walls of a pool.
6. Without question, one of attractions while having a bath in the swimming pool is creating, so called “artificial wave". For this purpose serves device for the water massage, ie. „Tajfun Jet”, „Hurricane”, which through creating strong stream of water, giving possibility to swim in place or whole body massage.


7. For many people water temperature is crucial for taking pleasure from having a bath. Sunrays are not always sufficient. To obtain suitable temperature may be use not only the roofing, but also solar covering (so called solar foil), sun collectors, heat interchangers or electric water heaters.
8. Lighting is also essential to create conditions when having a bath is more relaxing and pleasurable.

Installing lamps gives possibility of using a pool late night, without need of additional lighting. Except that, illuminated pool (especially at night) makes extraordinary impression.

1. Advantages of polyester pools „Baslux”

- smooth surface, without smudges,
- 100% sealing,
- very good longevity, uniform and solid construction,
- high comfort (perfectly smooth, shiny surface),
- cheap, easy and short time of installation,
- one manufacturer – one supplier – one responsible,
- good frost resistance (do not need protections),
- the biggest in Poland selection of shapes, sizes and colours,
- properly chosen filters system guaranteeing
  100% throughput of water in a pool,
- unique optical effect of azure blue of water,
- possibility of installation various water attractions,
- antisliding surface of steps,
- the lowest exploitation costs.


The highest quality, technology of creating our products and very fast realisation, these are only few of many advantages, that decides of choosing our product „Baslux”.


2. Warranty


Company „Baslux” gives 10 years warranty on construction of the pool and one year on colour.

Is pool subjected to the warranty decides „Baslux” company, after evaluation of the damage.

Evaluation will be performed on the basis of send materials (photos, descriptions, movies) and in justified cases also on the basis of expert`s opinion, who will evaluate a pool, prior to stating if pool meets requirements of the warranty.


3. Experience


With great care we are analysing needs and expectations of each customer, so that solutions proposed by us would efficiently conclude in full satisfaction from purchased product.

Employees of the „Baslux” company with many years of experience are for Your disposal.

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