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Dear Customer,

Our pools, made of polyester resins reinforced with glass fibre, are the perfect solution for those who appreciate comfort and good cooperation.

After detailed analysis of the competitive market, we are convinced our products are of very high quality and excellent value. Just imagine an extraordinarily durable polyester bath, insulated and comprising a single component. A smooth bath ten times larger than a regular tub, well-lit, fitted with convenient anti-skid steps and other optional features. Spray foam coating provides an insulation that prevents the water heat from escaping into the ground and additionally reinforces the frame. Our swimming pools are made of high-quality pool polyester resins reinforced with glass fibrę.

Our pools arę cheaper than those madę in standard production. You cut down on cost of time-consuming building work and the cost ofthe different accessories necessary for a pool to operate - we suppły a complete swimming pool, including a basin with ready made openings for necessary fixtures, for instance, adequate filtration and lighting systems. You can also buy the basin alone.

Colour selection is based o the RAL palette.

We give 10-year guarantee for the pool basin. The number of orders we produced and high quality items are our best guarantee.

Waiting time from order to provide a swimming pool is 1 to 3 weeks.
Our experienced staff is always ready to advise and answer your questions 0048 48 385 89 66 and / or 0048 48 385 89 67. Technical advice, phone 0 509 213-379


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