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Pools are assembled by the customer. Easy to assembleand maintain.

Here are the instructions for swimming pool users on how to correct造assemble laminate swimming pools.

1. Prior to assembly, choose a location and dig a hole whose volume isa little larger than the size of the pool.

2. Prepare a concrete cast mix. Pour a cement and sand mixture about 10cm thick, or the cast, onto the bottom of the hole, then level thebottom. Sprinkle everything with water.

3. Cross-section of the pool to help you determine the size of the holeand amount of concrete cast:

4.80 m x 2.50 m x 1,20 m

5.00 m x 2.70 m x 1,20 m

5.50 m x 2.70 m x 1,30 m

6.00 m x 3.00 m x 1,40 m

6.50 m x 3.00 m x 1,40 m

6.50 m x 3.10 m x 1,55 m

7.00 m x 3.00 m x 1,30 m

7.00 m x 3.15 m x 1,55 m

7.30 m x 3.10 m x 1,55 m

7.50 m x 3.10 m x 1,55 m

7.60 m x 3.05 m x 1,55 m

7.60 m x 3.20 m x 1,55 m

8.00 m x 3.70 m x 1,55 m

8.20 m x 3.10 m x 1,55 m

8.50 m x 3.10 m x 1,30-1,60 m

9.00 m x 3.50 m x 1,55 m

9.00 m x 3.50 m x 1,65 m

9.50 m x 3.75 m x 1,30-1,60 m

10.20 m x 3.70 m x 1,55 m

11.00 m x 3.70 m x 1,30-1,60 m


4. Pour water into the pool up to the level of about 20cm.

5. Pour the cement and sand mix around the sides of the pool till thewater and mix levels are the same. Pour water onto the mix so that themix ideally adjusts to the pool shape.

6. Pour an additional 20 cm of water into the pool. 7 Repeat steps 5and 6 until the pool is filled. It is best to fit the filter near thepool, in a well below the skimmer level.

Before winter, leave the water level below nozzles so that no waterremains in the filtration system.

It is not recommended to empty the pool of water completely for winter.

Waming: do not fill a pool standing free on the ground as waterpressure against the pool walls may cause the frame to burst; beforewinter, leave water in the pool below where the nozzles are mounted.

The seller is not liable for mechanical damage arising from improperoperation of the pool.

Have many a safe and pleasant swim.




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